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What You Need To Know About Social Media Tools

NetbaseQuid is a social media marketing firm that helps brands use social and mobile to boost campaigns.NetbaseQuid is the leading global provider of social and mobile marketing solutions, helping businesses grow through precise targeting, analytics, relevance and ROI-driven insights. With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Netbase knows what it takes to deliver unparalleled results for today’s savvy consumers. With offices in Silicon Valley and London, this digital powerhouse forges partnerships with industry-leading brands worldwide to help them maximize the power of their customer relationships across channels. 

Services Offered at NetbaseQuid

1. Social data management- Netbase manages social data for its clients, helping them directly manage large volumes of customer conversations. This helps businesses identify opportunities and respond quickly to customer problems or complaints. It also helps lead to customer acquisition opportunities.

2. Social media marketing-Netbase understands the full benefits of social media and provides the expertise to help you grow your brand’s social media presence- from strategy development, program management, monitoring strategies and reporting and optimization. NetbaseQuid has a highly skilled and experienced team of social media content writers, bloggers, and digital marketers who can help your brand create and implement effective content programs to increase customer engagement.

3. Social advertising-Netbase helps you target your ideal customers on Facebook and Twitter, making it easier for your brand to reach the right customers with tailored content and offers.

4. Social CRM- Netbase has helped build custom social CRM solutions to help its clients engage in real-time with their customers, provide better customer service and boost their retention rates by using the insights they provide.

5. Conversion optimization services – Netbase helps Web and mobile businesses create more relevant customer experiences through A/B testing, personalization and multivariate testing across all devices and channels.

6. Competitive social intelligence – Netbase can help you reach and understand your competitors’ customers based on their social media comments and insights. 

7. Social Media Operating Model -Understanding the value of social media and having an operating model for both real-time and proactive management of your brand’s social presence helps you better manage social in times of crisis, grow customers through targeted campaigns, as well as build your brand awareness.

8. Blogs-Netbase and its network of bloggers can help your company blog faster, smarter and cost-effectively through part-time freelance talent or full-time writers in select cities worldwide. 

Best Social Media Tools to Use for Marketing.

1. Hootsuite -The world’s most powerful social media management platform, enabling you to quickly and easily manage multiple online accounts in real time. You can even schedule posts for publishing later. It’s the ideal tool for a socially savvy businessperson.

2. Buffer – Manage multiple social media accounts from one place, with a personal dashboard that displays the stats for each of your feeds in one place. It’s easy to edit your profiles and customize the layout of your dashboard so everything is perfect for you. You can also share content faster by sharing across several accounts simultaneously and sync with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously.

3. SocialBro – Unlimited private social networks, managed from one dashboard, with over 100 social media management tools available for more than 700 independent networks. It’s simple to start your network so your brand can get instant visibility on Reddit and Pinterest as well as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

4. Sprout Social-You can manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, even on different networks. You can schedule your posts and have them distributed to multiple networks at the same time. It also allows you to integrate with Hootsuite and includes unlimited tools for tracking your performance of each post. 

5. Sum All – Sum All provides social media tools intelligence, helping you measure your audience engagement across mobile, Web and social channels so you can optimize your results. You can see your efforts’ effectiveness in real-time, rather than just checking once a month or looking back after the fact.

Social media tools and platforms are important to business success, especially for small businesses in the new era of social media marketing. The keys to success include:

Having a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy.

Knowing which networks are best for your brand.

Measuring your results and communicating with customers.

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