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What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used for multiple websites for scripting web pages. It’s a full-fledged and interpreted programming language. It can also enable dynamic interactivity on the websites when applied to the HTML document.

JavaScript can help all users to develop modern web apps to communicate directly by reloading the page. This is a commonly used programming language that will dynamically modify CSS and HTML. Doing so will help update the user interface through the DOM API. But before you use this, it is important to learn about it.

You can start by taking up JavaScript for Beginner courses and get to learn all the basics. It will help you have a clear idea about this programming language. Let’s review this post to learn more about it and its uses.

What exactly is JavaScript designed for?

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape to eliminate the restriction of the static pages present on the web. He created a scripting language that utilized Java’s syntax, another programming language. Besides that, there are several other reasons why JavaScript was developed:

  1. Speed: It’s a lot quicker to execute code in a website browser in its native language instead of executing code on the server.
  2. Reduces the Memory Use: When the code gets executed in the browser, it frees up space on the server. In return, it helps in cutting down costs.
  3. Dynamic Pages: It was only possible for the users to interact with pages after the inception of JavaScript.
  4. Reloads Specific Parts of the Page Autonomously: All those suggestions you make when you begin typing in Google’s search section are all due to JavaScript.
  5. Responsive Content: When you change the window’s size of the browser, JavaScript makes the content’s size change with it.
  6. Developing Responsive User Interfaces: The majority of the user interfaces of the social media platform depend on JavaScript.
  7. Play Video and Audio: Do you remember Flash? JavaScript’s video and audio capabilities are why it’s obsolete. HTML got the chance to take care of all the media files. But JavaScript was the first to do it.
  8. Create a Validation: In JavaScript, all the needed fields are enforced. This way, you will get all the crucial information when shopping online.
  9. Autocomplete: This programming language will save you manually providing the email address to fill out an online form.

If you are inquisitive about learning more about JavaScript, please look at this video:

What is JavaScript utilized for?

This popular programming language is used for numerous reasons apart from website development. Let’s find out what they are:

  1. Developing Games

This programming language is used frequently for developing in-browser games. The developers or operators in JavaScript can create games like

  • Hidden Object Games
  • Racing Games
  • 3D and 2D Puzzles
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Platform Games,
  • Action Games

By developing all the simple browser games, you can easily practice your JavaScript skills as a first-timer. There are plenty of JavaScript game engines that offer frameworks for open-source, free, and building games.

Some of the well-known game engines are JawsJS, DarlingJS, and Backbone. Here are some cool and well-known browser games created with JavaScript:

  • Gods Will be Watching
  • Angry Birds
  • Bejeweled
  • Little Alchemy
  • 2048
  • Polycraft
  • Cross Code,
  • HexGL
  1. Making interactive websites

This programming language can easily make all the web pages dynamic. Before JavaScript came into the picture, web pages were created only through CSS and HTML. CSS and HTML only know how to make static pages. These pages can be easily styled but are less interactive apart from hyperlinks.

In today’s world, you will encounter well-known sites created with JavaScript. Some of these sites are Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Besides that, the programming language will also enable developers to implement features such as:

  • Make hamburger-style and drop-down menus
  • Hiding and showing information and menus
  • Playing video and audio on the web pages
  • Adding the hover effects
  • Adding animations
  • Zooming out or zooming in on a specific picture
  • Making image galleries in the carousel format
  1. Mobile Applications

In today’s modern world, mobile devices are a lot more used to gain access to the internet. With JavaScript, you can create apps for all non-web contexts. The uses and features of this programming language transform it into a powerful tool. You can use this tool for developing mobile applications.

One of the popular JavaScript frameworks is “REACT NATIVE”. You can make mobile applications for various operating systems through react native. You also don’t have to write different codes for the Android and iOS operating systems. You just have to write it once and then run it on various platforms.

  1. Animations

When you want all the visual components to make a movement, JavaScript can help you with it. The animations created through this programming language are pretty lightweight. You can also tweak it a little to match the displaying device. You can create animations that are infinitely zoomable and interactive.

  1. The Booking Systems

When you need the guests at an eatery to book a table within the given time, you need the help of JavaScript. You can easily provide an interactive plan for the eatery, showing all the tables are open at a specific time. This is also the same for places like theme parks, theaters, cinemas, and other attractions.

  1. Data Visualization

If you know Python, it’s well-known for displaying all its fancy graphs and charts. This is the same for JavaScript as well. When you have countless data and wish to display it, you can get it across through JavaScript.

In conclusion,

JavaScript is one of the leading and well-known programming languages. It’s used by developers for creating websites, mobile apps, browser-based games, etc. You can easily learn about it by taking up courses or programs available on the online platform. These courses can help you gain the skills, understanding, and knowledge of JavaScript. Besides that, obtaining in-depth information about this programming language can help you become a competent JavaScript professional.

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