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Things you need to know before smoking shisha for the first time

What is Shisha?

Shisha, also referred to as waterpipe tobacco, is a popular tobacco used for smoking. It typically consists of a mixture of molasses, fruit flavors, and tobacco, which are all smoked through a hookah. Shisha has become a popular pastime for many people, and it is important for those new to this activity to understand what it is and how it should be approached.

Types of Shisha

Shisha is a smoking device that originated in Middle Eastern or South Asian countries. It involves using a bowl or vase filled with flavored tobacco, which is then smoked like a cigarette. The smoke is usually inhaled through a hose and emerges from the bowl as aromatic-flavored smoke. Shisha comes in three main categories: non-tobacco, natural tobacco, and synthetic tobacco. 

Non-Tobacco Shisha: This type of shisha does not contain any form of tobacco but instead uses its flavorings, such as herbal mixtures, fruits, or syrups. Non-tobacco shishas are often referred to as “fruit teas.” They provide an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking without containing tobacco or carcinogenic chemicals. 

Natural Tobacco Shisha: This type of shisha uses natural tobacco with added sweeteners, molasses, or honey fruit flavoring that create flavorful clouds when burned. Natural tobacco also provides a more intense flavor than non-tobacco alternatives, making it preferred for those seeking strong opportunities for more robust flavors when smoking shisha. 

Synthetic Tobacco Shisha: As opposed to natural tobaccos, synthetics are made from propylene glycol and have no nicotine content but can be enhanced with food-grade nicotine giving it an extra kick for those users who still crave nicotine without opting for traditional cigarettes. 

Synthetic tobaccos are said to produce larger clouds than their herbal counterparts while still providing an enjoyable mouthfeel and taste on the palette when smoking shishas using interchangeable flavors such as watermelon or blueberry, among many others available on the market today.

Health Risks of Smoking Shisha

Shisha, also known as hookah, narghile, argileh, or hubble-bubble smoking, is a traditional Middle Eastern method of smoking tobacco that has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Shisha smokers absorb nicotine and other toxicants through their lungs, much like cigarette smokers do. The smoke produced contains many of the same carcinogens and toxins as cigarette smoke. 

When shisha is smoked, it can expose smokers to high levels of carbon monoxide, lead and other metals, nicotine, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, charcoal used to heat the tobacco can emit cancer-causing chemicals such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the smoke. This can make it even more dangerous than regular cigarettes due to its intensity and longer duration of inhalation and exhalation when sharing a hookah pipe with others. 

The long-term effects of smoking shisha are still unknown. Still, there is evidence that it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, oral cancer, tongue cancer, and respiratory infections. Therefore it is recommended for individuals who are considering trying shisha for the first time to be fully aware of all possible health risks beforehand.

Preparing for Your First Shisha Session

If you are new to smoking shisha, it can initially seem overwhelming. There is a lot of equipment and different flavors you can choose from, and understanding the process of setting up everything can be tricky. But don’t worry, shisha catering Dubai, with a little preparation and some practice, you’ll be smoking like a pro in no time. Let’s go over the basics of preparing for your first shisha session.

Choosing Your Shisha

When planning your first shisha session, the most important decision is which type of shisha you want to use. There are wide varieties of shisha on the market; understanding their differences will help you choose one that fits your taste preferences and budget. There are two main categories of shishas — natural and synthetic — each with unique benefits. 

Natural Shishas: Natural shishas consist of dried fruit skins, like apples and grapes, filled with flavored tobacco. They burn slowly and evenly, providing a sweeter flavor than synthetic types. Natural shishas are often more expensive than synthetic alternatives because they require more preparation time and labor to fill with tobacco before smoking. 

Synthetic Shishas: Synthetic shishas use a polycarbonate material to hold their tobacco instead of dried fruit skins. These are often cheaper than natural types since they don’t require as much work to fill with tobacco before smoking, making them a great option for those who want to save money but still enjoy a quality experience. 

Synthetic types often come with fun flavors or color-changing designs that some find appealing. No matter which type of shisha you choose, make sure it has an airtight seal when it’s being used so that no smoke escapes during your session — this will ensure maximum flavor from each puff!

Setting Up Your Shisha

The setup is different from a regular pipe and can be overwhelming the first time you try. Knowing how your shisha should be assembled before you start smoking is important. Without these steps, you may get an unpleasant experience or no smoke! To begin, gather your supplies.

 You will need the following items:

-Your shisha pipe with stem and headpieces

-Shisha tobacco -Hookah charcoal

-Aluminum foil

-Hookah tongs (to help light the charcoals)

-Matching airflow hose and base (or separate hookah hose)

Next, make sure to check if any of your hookah parts are damaged or require cleaning before assembling. If so, take that time now, as it is essential for a successful experience! Once everything is ready to go, it’s time for assembly.

First, start by screwing the center post piece onto the hookah base. This should be hand-tightened only; make sure not to over-tighten, which can cause serious damage. After this piece is secure, add the top bowl piece onto the center post with its respective sleeve tray.

Then attach your matching hookah hose and connect to whichever type of airflow base your setup requires (open-top setup or closed). Be sure tightly fold up aluminum foil over your bowl piece for best airflow results during smoking – about 4 times in thickness will do well – use a skewer to poke some holes in preparation for lighting coals soon after.

Finally, add two pieces of charcoal around the aluminum foil-covered bowl hole; use hookah tongs here if needed, and then you are ready when those charcoals turn white hot!

Smoking Shisha

Smoking shisha, or hookah, is a centuries-old tradition in India and the Middle East. This popular pastime is popular all over the world due to its cultural and social appeal. For those new to the activity, it can be a bit confusing to start smoking shisha. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to get started and make sure you enjoy your first shisha experience.

How to Draw Smoke from Your Shisha

When smoking shisha, the first step is to draw the smoke through your pipe. To achieve the best flavor, use inhale slowly and steadily. With two hands, hold your stem at a 45-degree angle while pressing down slightly with your finger over the top of the bowl and inhale slowly. This will pull air through the metal tray, vaporizing the herbal blend inside and continuing into your mouth.

You can adjust how much heat reaches your mouth by pressing and releasing to add more or less airflow. You should feel a slight resistance when you draw from the stem — everything is operating correctly. 

Ensure you’re not overpacking your bowl, as pulling any smoke for a good flavor experience will be difficult. After each draw, stop inhalation for a few seconds before taking another one — this allows for better cooling down of the smoke before reaching your lungs for optimal comfort unharmed​.

How to Exhale Smoke from Your Shisha

Exhaling smoke from your shisha requires some practice, especially if this is your first time smoking. To begin, sit up straight with your back away from the wall. This will allow for easier breathing. Hold the stem of the shisha in between your middle and ring finger. Be sure to keep both fingers even and slightly apart so that you have a secure grip on the stem of the shisha. 

Your index finger should be resting atop the stem opening while your thumb is behind it at a comfortable distance to support its weight; this grip should feel natural to prevent discomfort while holding it in place for an extended period. Take a deep breath and draw air into your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. Any air you breathe in should come directly through pursed lips as if you were sucking through a straw.

This will prevent any smoke from escaping prematurely, allowing you to build up as much vapor within your mouth as possible before expelling it outwards in a plume-like fashion similar to what smoke rings do when exhaling from one’s lips after taking a puff of cigarette or cigar smoke. To expel the now built-up vapor from within your mouth cavity, open up broader yet ensure that no unwanted air escapes with each release so that all of the flavorful vapor can solidify into cloudy rings before dispersing altogether into thin air. 

With enough practice and determination, there is potential for mastering several forms of what many call advanced smoking techniques!

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Shisha

Smoking shisha is a great pastime and can be fun. However, proper care and maintenance of your shisha are paramount to ensure you get the most out of your smoking experience. Cleaning and maintaining your shisha will prevent resin build-up, clogging, and other problems that can make smoking shisha less enjoyable. Let’s look at how you can clean and maintain your shisha for a more enjoyable experience.

Cleaning Your Shisha

Smoking hookah or shisha can help you relax and socialize with friends. But to ensure a great experience for all, proper maintenance and cleaning are imperative. Cleaning your hookah can be simple if you do it correctly. The first step is to disassemble your hookah and remove the bowl from the stem.

After soaking these components in lukewarm water for a few minutes, use a brush (preferably one dedicated to hookah cleaning) to clean the inside of the stem and port system. Once removed from the water, use a paper towel or soft cloth to dry them off before reassembling your hookah. The hose should also be inspected and cleaned when needed.

Cleaning each component of your hose separately is important because it allows contaminates like ash, flavors, or even bacteria to be eliminated from each component that makes up the hookah hose. To achieve this goal, soak each component in lukewarm tap water for several minutes (at least an hour is recommended). 

Then rinse with cold tap water afterward so any residue left behind can be removed more efficiently before allowing them to air-dry completely before further use.

Finally, maintaining a clean gasket on top of your bowl will not only extend its lifespan but also prevent any future problems that could arise from a dirty gasket (smoke loss). It’s important not to forget this part since it’s integral in providing an optimal smoking session for you and your guests! 

To clean this gasket properly, you need dish soap mixed with hot water and a non-abrasive sponge/brush to scrub any residue stuck between its grooves; then, let it air-dry before using it again!

Storing Your Shisha

Caring for your shisha is important for a successful and enjoyable smoking experience. You must store your shisha properly when not in use to keep it in the best condition. Follow these tips to ensure that your shisha lasts for many smoking sessions. 

Keep Humidity Levels Stable – As with all smoking accessories, dusty or humid conditions can ruin the taste and consistency of your shisha tobacco over time. Store it at room temperature from direct sunlight and in a closed container when it is not used to maintain proper humidity levels.

Clean After Each Use – Cleaning your shisha after every use will help preserve its quality for longer. Wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and blow out the excess air from the tubes before storing it. 

Use Air-Tight Containers – Store shishas in air-tight containers when not in use to further prevent changes in humidity levels and discourage bacteria growth which can contaminate the flavor over time. The container should be washed thoroughly before refilling with clean, dry tobacco each time you smoke. 

Rotate Your Shishas – To extend the life of your setup even further, rotate between different types of pipes or bowls regularly. This prevents any piece from getting worn down too quickly or becoming overly burned by one type of tobacco over another.

Safety Tips

Smoking shisha for the first time can be quite intimidating. However, it can be a great experience if done with proper safety precautions. It is important to follow a few safety tips to ensure your safety and enjoyment. This section will cover all the necessary safety measures to take when smoking shisha for the first time.


When smoking shisha, it is important to ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Use fans and open windows to create airflow and take breaks to let air circulate. Smoking in closed or poorly ventilated areas for too long can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Additionally, the impact on indoor air quality can be significant as smoke particles remain in the area long after smoking has ended, so it is important to ensure proper ventilation, which can help reduce the amount of particulate matter in the room.

Avoiding Sharing Mouthpieces

When smoking shisha for the first time, it is important to abide by some safety guidelines to protect your health. One of these guidelines involves avoiding sharing mouthpieces between different users, as this can help prevent the spread of illnesses and infectious diseases. 

The primary risk associated with sharing mouthpieces is that saliva from one user may cause exposure and transmission of several infectious diseases. The most common illnesses include colds, flu, Hepatitis A and B, mononucleosis (mono), and other virus-related ailments.

When smoking shisha for the first time, there are certain steps you can take to reduce risks related to health:

-Obtain individual mouthpieces for each user – this way, you do not have to worry about saliva transmission.

-Whenever possible, use disposable or separable hoses – it’s best practice to dispose of a hose after each use or closely keep track of who uses what and sterilize accordingly before switching users.

-Clean your hookah equipment frequently – this includes periodically replacing any damaged or deteriorated parts with new equipment; also, make sure to replace old coal and dispose of ashes properly in an outdoor setting away from flammable materials.

-Keep children away from hookah equipment – as there is no need for children under 18 years old to be exposed to smoke inhalation while using shisha pipes; therefore, it should be restricted in households with adolescents present.

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