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Party Drink Ideas That Your Pals Will Love

When you’re entertaining friends, the last thing you want to do is spend the entire time in the kitchen. All of us have too many responsibilities at home and work, so when we get together with friends, we like to have fun. Make sure your drink menu is stocked with these party drink ideas:

Make a punch bowl.

Punch is always a good idea at a party, but it’s best when you make it ahead of time. This way, you don’t have to worry about making your guests wait while the punch is being prepared and can focus on other things. You’ll want to use a large container for your punch bowl—the larger the better. This will allow for more room for ingredients and ice. The next step is making sure there are lots of different flavours in there: fruits, veggies, and even spices if that’s what floats your boat. And don’t forget carbonation. It’ll take any drink from boring to fun in no time flat.

Create a signature cocktail.

A signature cocktail is a must for any party, and it can be as simple or complex as you like. If your friends are the types who love fruity drinks, go ahead and make a frozen margarita punch with pineapple juice, tequila and limeade. If they’re more of the beer-and-shot crowd (or just alcohol in general), consider concocting some sort of sangria that everyone can enjoy.

Make sure you have all of the ingredients including canned cocktails in bulk on hand before starting off on your drink-mixing mission. You don’t want to run out halfway through because nobody had orange juice in their house. 

Also, make sure that whatever concoction you choose is easy to make. If there are too many steps involved in creating drinks for your party guests, people will get sloppy and frustrated quickly. 

Finally, make sure there’s enough alcohol content per serving. No matter how delicious or creative your drink may be, nobody wants to spend all night nursing one glass when they could be drinking multiple shots instead.

Add some flair to the decor.

Try incorporating a variety of glasses in your bar. Glasses can be used to add flair to the decor and create a whimsical vibe, so don’t limit yourself to just one or two types of glasses. Try mixing things up with tall and short glasses, pint glasses, wine glasses, mason jars—whatever you have on hand.

Another way to add flair is by using different coloured straws for each drink. It’s also important that these straws are clean before use; if they’re not clean, the drinker might get an unpleasant surprise when they go to take a sip from their glass.

Add edible flowers.

Edible flowers are a great way to add colour to your drink without having them look too gaudy—and they’re also delicious. You can use edible flowers as garnishes, ice cubes, or even decorate the rim of glasses with them (just make sure you use a soft brush so you don’t scratch the glass). If you want your party guests to feel like they’re drinking at an upscale restaurant but don’t have time for all that fluffing about and lighting candles at each table, this is a perfect choice for you.

Include ice cubes with a surprise ingredient in them.

So, do you want to add a surprise ingredient to your ice cubes? It’s easy. All you need is some water and whatever you want to freeze (fruit juice, soda, alcohol).

Be creative in your choice of ingredients. Frozen grapes or strawberries can be used as garnishes on the rims of glasses; cubes made with juice will lend fruity flavour and colour to cocktails; you can even make spiked ice cubes by adding a little liquor into the mix.

Use a muddler.

A muddler is a bar tool that’s used to crush ingredients. It usually looks like a long stick with one end flattened and the other end pointed. You use the flat end of the muddler to mash fruit, herbs, or other ingredients to release their flavours and oils. And you can use your trusty muddler for making cocktails.

Get creative with glassware.

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can get creative with glassware. The next time you’re hosting a party, try using a variety of shapes and sizes—from flutes to tulips, pint glasses to goblets. You can also change up the colour scheme: red wine in stemless red wine glasses is always fun, but so are clear martini glasses for vodka sodas or white wine spritzers. If your friends love craft beer, try serving it from an opaque stein instead of the standard pint glass; this will keep everyone guessing about what’s inside until they get their first sip.

If you’re having trouble finding interesting glassware online or at stores near where you live (or if they’re just too expensive), check out thrift stores and flea markets—you never know what unique finds might be waiting just around the corner.


If you’re looking for new ways to entertain your friends, these party drink ideas will help you come up with some great concepts. From making a punch bowl to including edible flowers in your drinks, there are so many options that will leave everyone impressed.

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