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Money Earning Apps: The Ultimate List of Top 7 for Easy Cash


Several apps and websites claim to provide the opportunity to earn online cash by doing simple or microtasks. Maximum, there is only the claim. But today, in this article, we will learn about the List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash. Let’s check this out.

List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash

  • Swagbucks: A platform that allows users to earn real cash by watching videos, clicking ads, completing surveys, and many other microtasks. Swagbucks uses a point system to make some money. Once the user reaches the minimum withdrawal, the payment can be transferred to PayPal and Amazon Pay. These features of Swagbucks are put in the List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash.
  • YSense: It is the second number on the List of Top 7 Money-Earning Apps For Cash. YSense offers an online community with various earning options worldwide. The earning options on YSense are paid surveys, referrals, and click-on ads. YSense is also available for Apple users on the Play Store and App Store. Besides, a user can use the YSense through a web browser too.
  • RupeeTub: In the List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash, RupeeTub is in the third place. It allows individuals to watch the videos and make money. Apart from that, a user can earn from its referral program by sharing with friends and family. It allows various payment modes for cash out the earnings, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Phone Pay, and Paytm.
  1. Inbox Dollar: This platform allows users to earn dollars just for completing micro tasks, which puts it on the fourth number of the List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash. Users can make dollars from Inbox Dollar by paid surveys, installing applications, and playing games. After the minimum withdrawal limit, users can withdraw earned dollars from PayPal, Pioneer, and Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Frizza: On the fifth number of the Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash List is Frizza. This platform offers various options for users to earn rewards, and later, users can redeem these rewards as cash from different payment methods. On Frizza, a user can make money by visiting other websites, watching videos, playing games, and completing other simple tasks. It allows users to withdraw the funds Paytm earns once it is more than 30 rupees.
  • Feature Points: It is available on the internet since 2012. Since then, Feature Points has rewarded its users with almost $6000 000. That puts it on the List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash. On Feature Points, a user can earn points by Completing surveys, downloading applications, and with its referral program. It allows the user to withdraw cash by gift card. The gift cards are Amazon, PayPal, Xbox, PlayStation, Starbucks and bitcoin.
  • Task Bucks: It is a unique platform that helps users to earn by just surfing the internet. Apart from that, a user also can earn money by watching videos, clicking ads, and sharing their opinion. It also offers the opportunity to its users to make 70 rupees by referring friends and family.


Several websites and applications on the internet offer various ways to earn cash just by completing micro or simple tasks. The List of Top 7 Money Earning Apps For Cash contains the websites and applications tested and verified by thousands of users. Hence, if you have some idle time, these apps or websites can help utilize your idle time.

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