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How to Take Your Wedding’s Food and Drink to the Next Level

Weddings are a big deal. If you’ve chosen the right partner, they may even only happen to you once in your life. This means you can splurge more on this one event, but it also means you won’t usually get practice before getting it perfect. While hiring a wedding planner can make everything go smoothly, but the final decisions will still be up to you. Being smarter with your choices can help ensure that not only do you get a great night, but everyone else also has an enjoyable time with you. 

One of the key aspects that will immediately determine how successful your night has been is how well received the food and drink. In the grand scheme of things, people won’t likely remember a whole lot about the food, but that isn’t why you should invest or ignore it. Good food and drink pave the way for a good time. If your guests were pleased with their meal, they’ll not only be in a better mood, they’ll likely eat more of it. A full stomach sets the tone for the evening. This is particularly true when you add alcohol to the mix. 

Great food and drink sets the tone for the evening, so take your wedding to the next level with these top tips: 

Splurge on a Bartender 

One of the first things you should get handled when it comes to food and drink is to hire a TIPS-certified and insured bartender from Event Bartenders. Going to a professional agency means having everything handled, and having professionals there to help cut off guests who have had too much. 

Work with the bartender to offer a few key cocktails at your event, and then guests choose from a red or white wine, beer, or mixed drinks from there. To round things off, you should also get a large water pitcher (or a few) so that guests can rehydrate as necessary.  

Offer Small Bites Throughout the Event 

Regardless of whether the main meal is served sitting down or at a buffet, you should have small bites or hors d’oeuvres for guests to munch on throughout the event. Have set amount of plates that will be taken out to the main area once every hour, for example. This will ensure that people eat enough to be responsibly drunk, and also help those who are feeling peckish and those who didn’t like the main meal. 

Stick with Classics 

It can be tempting to serve lavish, exciting meals for your guests, but this rarely goes well. If you want your main meal to be a success you should keep it simple. This appeals to the tastes of most guests, even those that usually opt for something more exciting. Simple, staple flavors, particularly in food that’s easy to create en masse. If it’s hard to get all the plates out at once because of how complex plating is, then some are going to get their meal far later than others. To keep everyone fed in a timely manner, stick with simple. 

Save the Pizazz for the Cake 

If you want something marvelous, focus on the cake. The main cake is more of a showpiece than the actual cake itself. Bakers usually make sheet cake to go with their extravagant centerpiece, so you can really go all out there and serve delicious cake to all. 

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