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How to Support Your Teenager When Applying to Colleges

Going to college can be a fantastic experience for young adults. Not only can it be a great way to continue their education and improve career prospects, but it’s an opportunity to learn how to live independently and make new friends. While a lot of high school students and their parents might be excited about this next chapter, the process of applying to college and achieving the entry-level requirements for the chosen course can be daunting at times. If you’re a parent who can see that your teen is becoming overwhelmed by this, here are some tips on how you can help them Studen.

1. Keep an Open Dialogue

A good place to start if you think your teen is feeling the pressure when it comes to college applications is to keep an open dialogue with them. Creating a safe space for them to express their concerns can help them to find solutions to the problem. It can also be good for you as a parent to get more insight into where their heads are at. Although you might have an idea of what you would like your teen to pursue at college, make sure you are listening to what they want and allow them to follow their interests. You can still advise them on what you think might be best, but giving them the freedom to make this choice can help them to feel more enthusiastic about college and motivated to pursue these goals.

2. Help Them with Their Studies

All colleges will have entry requirements when it comes to grades, so make sure that you and your teenager are aware of what these are for the colleges that they are interested in. You can use this high school GPA calculator for guidance. If improvements need to be made for your child to achieve the grades to be accepted, consider hiring a tutor for the subjects they are struggling with. Alternatively, speak to the high school to see if there are any study groups your teen could join to help boost their GPA or other activities that could help their application. You can also look at how you can create a better study environment for your children at home, such as setting up a home study or another quiet area for them to focus where possible.

3. Assist Them with the Application Process

You could also help them with the application process, such as proofreading their college essays or providing them with any necessary information they might need. Sit down with them and read through the application sections, and try to encourage them to complete the applications sooner rather than later. Leaving these until the last minute will only add to their stress and could risk their applications not being as strong as they could be because they have been rushed.

If you’re a parent who wants your teen to feel more excited than stressed about their college applications, consider the tips above and use them to help support your child through this process.

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