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How to Get Up Easier in the Morning

A contrast shower and exercise help to cheer up, but there are more interesting ways to wake up in the morning. Here are the main ones.

Let the Light in

Light is the body’s main signal that it’s time to wake up. With the help of light, the body adjusts to the light of day, giving the start of a new inner day.

Bright light with an intensity of several thousand lux works best. This level of light, for example, is provided by LED lamps with 18-30 watts.

But it’s more comfortable to use a light alarm clock for this purpose. 15-30 minutes before waking up, it starts to increase the light intensity, eventually reaching 5-10 thousand lux. When it’s time to get up, the alarm clock beeps.

Use Smart Gadgets

Near morning, a person is usually in one of two sleep states: REM sleep, when we see dreams, or superficial slow-wave sleep.

It’s more difficult to wake up from REM sleep, and after waking up a person feels broken. The easiest way to wake up after coming out of this phase is during superficial sleep. That’s why smart alarm clocks have appeared that can detect exactly what state a sleeper is in.

The principle of operation of gadgets is simple: a person sets the time when he wants to wake up, and the device half an hour before this moment begins to look for the time when the body is out of the REM-phase. That’s when the alarm sounds. However, there is a problem: the devices don’t always accurately determine the stage.

It’s possible to understand only experimentally: if a particular smart alarm clock helps you to wake up easier, then it suits you.

For those who automatically turn off the alarm clock and continue to sleep, you can try running away alarm clocks or puzzle alarm clocks. To turn them off, you will have to get out of bed or do a puzzle, which means you will definitely wake up.

Switch the Alarm Clock

Both regular alarm clocks and cell phones have this feature. Although some experts say that the delayed alarm only increases sleepiness, somnologists have a different opinion.

If the alarm rings at an unfortunate time, such as during a dream, you can put it off and doze off. It will be easier for you to get up from your slumber when the second alarm sounds. Only if you have not accumulated a lack of sleep.

Drink Water

Drinking a glass of water in the morning helps your body work, especially the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. It also helps us wake up more quickly.

The total volume of water consumption is also important. Scientists from France found out that the more we drink, the less we feel sleepy. 2.5 liters a day not only makes a person more active but also improves mood, reduces stress, and increases concentration.

Consume Coffee at the Right Hours

Coffee really helps cheer you up. If you have no contraindications, you can have two cups of coffee in the morning, which is considered the norm by somnologists.

But the effect is short-lived, so you shouldn’t drink it right after you wake up.

A few hours after a cup of coffee you may feel even more sleepy than in the morning. That’s why some people prefer to drink coffee at work instead of at home.

Try to consume the drink in the morning hours closer to noon or before activities that require concentration, such as lectures or long meetings. Then coffee will really help. And at breakfast, it can be replaced by tea or cocoa: they also help to cheer up.

2 Main Rules for Easy Awakenings

For either method to work, follow two important rules.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s a cliché, but to wake up easily, you need to get enough sleep in the first place. The sleep norm for adults varies from six to ten hours. You can determine your own individual one and avoid playing at a casino online Deutschland at 2 am if you have to wake up at 7 am.

Get up at the Same Time

The body has its internal clock, the circadian rhythms. If you live according to them, your body and brain will prepare for sleep in advance and tune up for waking up.

To avoid disrupting circadian rhythms, go to sleep and wake up at the same time, even on weekends.

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