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How to Decide Between Getting an MRI and Going to a Spa

If you are feeling under the weather and often visit a spa, your first port of call may be to look at what treatments your local spa offers to find one that is right for you and your condition. However, spas cannot always solve every condition, and here is how you can tell whether you need to get an MRI or whether your spa visit will be sufficient. 

If You Have Aching Joints

You might decide to visit a spa for a massage if you are starting to find that your joints and muscles are tight and painful. You might visit a spa often for this type of treatment if you suffer from back or neck pain, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and must sit in one position all day long, or if you are easily stressed. However, you should get an MRI if you experience shooting pain in your muscles and bones, if your condition is not alleviated by the massage, or if you believe that you may have torn a ligament. You should also get an MRI if you are having problems with mobility, as you might be beginning to develop arthritis that may need further treatment to make the condition manageable. An MRI can also diagnose problems with your spinal disks and tumors, which can cause a lot of pain since they put pressure on your nerves. Consider looking at the services that are offered by Express MRI. They can help you to get back on your feet in no time at all by allowing health professionals to understand what is happening in your body. 

If You Have a Sports Injury 

Many athletes and other sports personalities decide to get a massage often to loosen their joints and muscles and to prevent injury. They may also get a massage to help them to reduce the amount of stress that they experience and to minimize their pain. However, visiting a spa might not be enough if you already have a sports injury, such as torn cartilage or a joint issue. Rather than trying to improve this on your own, you should get an MRI so that you know the severity of your injury and whether you will need to rest for an extended period. This will ensure that you can be well on the way to recovery before long. 

If You Have Chronic Pain 

The most common types of chronic pain can prevent you from enjoying your life and can hold you back, especially if you are struggling to find the right treatment for you. Many people with chronic pain visit spas as a relief from their daily pain, as spa treatments can reduce your reception to pain and relieve the tension in your body for short periods. Massages and other spa treatments can also help you to relax and forget about the pain that you are experiencing for the duration of the session. However, if you do not know what the source of your chronic pain is, or if your chronic pain is severe and preventing you from working or building healthy relationships, it is vital that you get an MRI which can see any problems with your joints, bones, and soft tissue, as well as your brain and the other organs in your body. 

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