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How Much Does a Premium Quality Range Hood Typically Cost?

Most of the premium quality range hoods typically cost between $3000 to $5000; however, most of these products are sold at discounted rates which makes them more affordable to customers. CopperSmith offers a wide variety of Premium quality range hoods from which customers can choose. 

However, several factors determine the price of Premium quality range hoods. Such factors include the material used to manufacture the range hood, the size of the range hood, the finish, and the ventilation power. The factors which determine the price of Premium quality range hoods are discussed below in this article.

The Size of the Range Hood

Of course, the size of your kitchen should correspond to the size of the range hood you install. You can determine the size of the range hood you need by measuring the size of your kitchen where you will install the range hood. Many of the traditional kitchen range hoods come in measurements of 48, 42, 36, 33, and 30 inches. 

However, CopperSmith will take care of it as they have a variety of traditional style range hoods which are customizable according to your needs. Simply call the brand specialist, and your range hood will be customized to your specifications. Of course, the bigger the size of the range hood, the higher the price.

The Material Used

Some materials used in making Premium quality range hoods are expensive, while others are comparatively cheap. However, you should choose a range hood material that is appropriate for you. Common materials used in making range hoods are copper, stainless steel, and brass. Mill finish, steal, and copper offers beautiful appearances. 

Copper metal tends to have a timeless feel because it improves its appearance as it ages; on the other hand, steel has a more streamlined aesthetic and is more modern. Therefore, if you choose Premium quality range hoods made from a highly valued material, you pay a higher price; similarly, if you select a range hood made of less valuable material, you will pay less.

The Finish of the Range Hood

The range hood finish should coordinate with your lichen design to have a more cohesive appearance. Copper and brass finishes offer a more rustic feel to classic and traditional homes. On the other hand, steel finishes help to create a more modern sense for your kitchen. 

There is also an option to mix various finishes to achieve the desired feel you want for your kitchen. Therefore, you can choose a different finish for the pot rail, rivets, straps, crown, and another color for the main body.

The Ventilating Power

The final consideration when shopping for Premium quality range hoods is their ventilation power, noted in CFM standing for cubic meters per foot. In other words, it is the rate of airflow. The higher the CFM, the more powerful a range hood is; therefore, you should choose a range hood that is powerful enough to remove all odors, grease, and smoke from your kitchen. However, the higher the CFM, the more price a range hood costs.


Premium quality range hoods cost around $3000 to $5000; however, specific considerations, such as the range hood’s size, determine its price. The material used, the finishing of the range hood, and the ventilation power are other factors that determine the price of a range hood.

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