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How Can Edtech Tools Improve Classroom Collaboration

Every parent’s dream that their children remain active in the classroom. They also want their children to exhibit the best behavior and show academic excellence. However, this becomes difficult when students cannot focus and lose interest in studies. Maintaining classroom collaboration becomes difficult when using the traditional ways of teaching. That’s where systems like the learning management system and institute ERP come into play. These tools help kids learn new things and make them enjoy classes. This article will discuss how teachers can use the edtech tools like school ERP to improve classroom collaboration and aid the learning process. 

Ways to Improve Classroom Collaboration

• Use audio-visual aids– Children learn better when they see a particular piece of information on a screen in front of them. The audio-visual aids can improve classroom collaboration and help them understand the concepts easily and clearly. Moreover, it reduces teachers’ workload as they do not have to scream on the top of their voices to make students attentive. The power of visuals can help students learn better. 

• Leverage the chat and discussion forums– Every class has a few students who are shy in front of the teachers and their peers. They do not like asking questions in front of the class even if it means missing out on important concepts. To make such students more comfortable, teachers can leverage tools like chat, live polls, and discussion forums. 

  • Create learning activities- Teachers can make a robust lesson plan using software like the best school ERP software. When students are eager to learn their favorite subject at their convenience, they are bound to remain attentive in the classroom. Teachers can have a mix of traditional and modern approaches to create learning activities. For example, they can use flashcards and multimedia tools at the same time to keep students interested during the lecture. 

How Can Parents Help Improve Academic Performance of their Children

• Never compare them – As parents, often compare them with others, like see your cousin got good marks, but you didn’t or are of no use to us. These harsh words can make them feel bad about themselves, and they will put anger inside, and there may be a chance that they will burst out, leading them to be short-tempered in the long term.

• Make them read – If the child is small, be their storyteller and tell different stories to them. You can buy comic books like champak, twinkle, etc., with good moral tales, and they can learn from them. You can also teach them different stories of freedom fighters and how they fought, like Mahatma Gandhi and their movement. In online classes, lectures are conducted with the help of much hi-tech software like LMS portals, Learning management systems, and more.

• Give corrections – As you appreciate them like that, only correcting them can make them realize when they have made a mistake. Like showing tantrums and other things. And make them understand how their personality can be affected by these bad habits. And it would help if you handled them patiently without harming their self-esteem and ego.

• Let them explore – They need to explore, so expose them to their cousins and friends to learn more. Kids are soft clay that can be easily shaped in the mold you want. These qualities will help children grow, so everyone likes them and makes them socially responsible.

Learn to accept mistakes – Often, as a parent, we don’t want to admit our mistakes, and hence they will learn the same from you. So whenever you make any mistake, say sorry to your partner and children and explain your state of mind to them. It will positively impact them, so they will admit it and tell you why whenever they do anything wrong. Then you can make them understand how their thinking was wrong.

• Introduce new words – Let your child know different terms and make them a part of life. For example, tell them to wish you all the best if you have a meeting. When someone brings a gift for them, teach them to say thanks. This habit will help them learn different words and their importance in daily life.

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