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Five Techniques to Improve Your Spiritual Health

Five Techniques to Improve Your Spiritual Health

Being spiritual is about more than just believing in a higher power. It’s about cultivating self-awareness, developing your mind and heart, and using your life experiences to expand your understanding of the world around you. If you’re like most people, though, there are some aspects of spirituality that are harder for you than others. Maybe it’s connecting with others or doing something kind for someone else—whatever it is for you, it can be helpful to know how to improve this aspect of yourself. In this post we’ll go over five ways recommended by Sharon, a skilled ceremonialist and educator who offers spiritual mentoring in Perth, that can help make things easier: 

Understand your core values.

To live a more fulfilling life, it’s important to know what is most important to you. Your core values are the things that matter most in life and should be considered when making decisions or asking yourself big questions: What do you want out of this experience? Is this job right for me? Are you living up to my potential? Are there other things you could be doing with my time that would be more meaningful? Understanding one’s core values will help guide those decisions and provide clarity when asking these questions.

Be kinder toward yourself and others.

It can be easy for us as humans to get caught up in our daily struggles and forget about being kind to ourselves along the way. It’s important not only because we deserve it, but also because being kinder toward ourselves will allow us more space in our hearts for others too. When we’re able to give back by helping someone else feel better after having an argument or getting lost on their way home from work (which happened recently), then we’re able to take away some positivity from ourselves as well–something which makes us feel even better than receiving compliments ever could.

Establish a daily meditation practice.

Meditation is not something you can just read about and immediately start doing; it takes practice. You may feel frustrated with yourself in the beginning, but don’t give up. The more you practice meditation, the easier it will become for you to meditate daily.

Meditation isn’t a religion. It’s a way of life. It doesn’t matter what religion or belief system you follow—everyone can benefit from this ancient art form. It helps people find inner peace and balance even when their lives are chaotic and stressful.

Find focus on your goals by using meditation as an exercise in self-awareness. What do you want? How are you going to get there? Why do you want these things? By focusing on these questions each time that we sit down to meditate, we can make sure that our intentions align with our true desires rather than just acting out of habit or fear of change without knowing why we’re doing so in the first place. This process helps us stay focused on what matters most so that we’ll have better outcomes overall and happier lives too.

Read spiritual books.

Reading spiritual books is one of the best ways to learn new things. It helps you find your spiritual path and understand others’ paths as well.

It will also help you understand yourself better, while others will help you develop more empathy toward strangers.

Be part of a spiritual community.

There are many ways to do this, from joining a group of like-minded people in person to finding or starting your online community. Many churches, mosques, and synagogues offer opportunities for spiritual growth through classes and other programs designed for people who want to learn more about their faith. 

However, if you’re not comfortable with religion or don’t have access to such resources in person, there are plenty of other options out there. Some websites offer virtual communities where members interact with each other online; others host events where the real-life connection is the primary focus. If you’ve been struggling with your spirituality on your own and want some guidance, consider taking advantage online and offline resources.

Do something to benefit others than yourself.

Helping others is rewarding, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’d like to volunteer at a local shelter or share a meal with someone who doesn’t have enough food, there are plenty of ways to give back. 

To get started, think about what you’ll enjoy doing and how much time you can devote each week. If you’re not sure what type of volunteer work is best for you, consider looking through local charities in your area or talking with friends who have already volunteered.

You may feel pressure from family members or friends who are more involved than you are—but don’t let that affect your decision. Everyone has different interests and availability; there’s no need for comparison here. Just because someone else has been volunteering for years doesn’t mean that every person should jump into volunteering full-time as soon as possible; do what feels right for you. 


It’s important to remember that the body and mind are interconnected, so if you neglect one aspect of yourself, it can affect all areas of your life. But don’t worry—if you follow these five tips, you’re on your way to having a heal

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