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Everything you need to know about getting gel nail extensions at home

Gel nail extensions are a great way to get a manicure at home. They’re super easy to put on, last for weeks, and cost much less than going to the salon. But if you’re not careful with them—or if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly—you can damage your natural nails or ruin your manicure. Here are some tips for getting extensions from a gel nail kit at home:

How do gel extensions work?

Gel nail extensions are applied to your nails and are cured with a UV light. This process makes them more flexible and durable than acrylics, which can be brittle. Acrylic nails need to be filed down every few weeks to keep their shape and length, while gel nails will hold their shape for up to six weeks. Gel nail extensions can also last up to three months if you take care of them properly.

You can remove gel nail extensions with acetone, but this is not recommended because it will damage your natural nails. Instead, wait until they naturally fall off or have been removed by someone else (like a professional). This can help prevent lifting, splitting, brittleness and other problems associated with long-term use of this product on your natural nails (which are much more fragile than fake ones).

Choosing the suitable gel nail kit for you

  • Choose a kit that has everything you need.
  • Choose a kit that is easy to use.
  • Choose a kit that has good reviews.
  • Choose a kit that is durable and long-lasting.

How to make gel extensions last longer?

The best way to make your gel nails last longer is by following these steps:

  • Use a base coat before you apply the gel. This will help prevent the nail from staining or chipping and also helps strengthen your natural nails.
  • Apply a top coat every time you get a manicure, which can be as often as once a week or every two weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow.
  • Use a nail file to smooth any rough edges of the polish after it dries. You can also use an emery board instead if that feels more comfortable for you (be careful not to cut yourself).
  • Apply cuticle oil after each shower or bath so that your cuticles remain moisturised throughout the day/night! It’s best not to pick at them, though, because doing this repeatedly may cause infection, so please don’t do this.

How to remove your gel nail extensions at home

When it comes time to remove the gel nail extensions, you will want to use a product designed specifically for this purpose. As a general rule, avoid using acetone-based products because they are too harsh and can damage your nails.

The most popular method of removing gel nail extensions at home is an acetone-free remover. These removers are explicitly made for removing acrylic or gel nails and will not harm your natural nail underneath.

When removing your gel nail extensions at home, it’s important not to rush things—doing so could damage your natural nails or breakage of the artificial ones. Take time and ensure each layer has been removed before moving on to the next.

Gel nail extensions can be an excellent way to get a manicure at home

Gel nails are a trendy alternative to acrylic nails, and for a good reason: they can last longer than acrylics and are less damaging to the natural nail. They’re also more expensive than acrylics (though less than you may think). The best part is that they’re effortless to apply at home. You only need the right tools and some practice.

Gel nail extensions are a great way to get a manicure from home. They’re similar to acrylic nails but less damaging for your natural nails. Ensure that the products you use have minimal ingredients and don’t contain harmful chemicals that could damage your nails over time. The best gel nail kits will have everything you need in one package to apply them yourself with an easy step-by-step guide.

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