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Daniel Radcliffe: An English Actor, Know About His Bio, Career, Net Worth & More

The Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliffe is the best-known actor in Hollywood. Being a professional actor, he is an outstanding performer. He has a very charming and attractive personality. The Harry Potter Series became the popularity of Daniel at a very young age. His acting skills were captured by many H-town personalities, which became the reason for his uncontrolled success in the acting world. 

Radcliffe’s Bio/Wiki

Daniel Radcliffe’s complete name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe. He is a British national or we can say that he holds an English nationality. He takes birth in London’s Queen Charlottes and Chelsea Hospital. He is a successful and very talented actor, who started his acting career at just the small age of 12 and robbed the hearts of millions around the world. His blue eyes and light brown hair perfectly suits his personality and gives him a charmer look. 

Radcliffe’s Age, Height, Weight

Daniel Radcliffe came to this world on 23rd July 1989, such a special day for the Hollywood Industry, right? Currently he is 33 years old, as of 2022. His height is 165cms/1.65 cm/5 feet 4 inches. His body weight is 53 kgs/116 pounds. Despite being small in height, he got tremendous work and assembled a lot of love and success. This shows that the hard work always pays off. 

Radcliffe’s Early Life And Education

Daniel was born to a traditional Christian-rooted family of London, England. His parents are also a part of the film industry. His father is a literary agent named is Mr. Alan George Radcliffe and his mother is a casting agent whose name is Mrs. Marcia Jeannine Gresham, she has worked in popular movies like ‘The Inspector Lynley Mysteries’. Daniel is the only child of Alan and Marcia. 

Daniel gathered his primary education from a 3 different schools of boys, which are 1- Redcliff school 2- Sussex house of school 3- city of London school. 

He was very affectionate towards acting from his childhood days and started to furnish his acting skills which led him to grab the offer of the very successful and famous Harry Potter Series. 

Due to his early acting work, he was unable to concentrate on his further higher studies and he started to take private tuition to complete his high school. 

Radcliffe’s Career

As told earlier that Daniel was attracted towards acting from his early childhood which became the reason for his joining the film industry at the age of 10. 

In 1999, Daniel embarked on his journey of acting by playing a role in a TV drama of BBC’s famous show, ‘David Copperfield’. He played the character of a young boy and got the chance to shine his tremendous acting skills. 

In 2001, he finally debuted in his 1st film, ‘The Tailor of Panama’, an Irish-American Spy-thriller film. 

His role in the ‘David Copperfield’ show was noticed by the director and producer of the Harry Potter Series, J.K.Rowlings, Chris Columbus and David Hayman, respectively and they became highly impressed by Daniel’s acting and they chased him to play the lead character in their fantasy film, HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE in 2001.

After this, Daniel worked with the Harry Potter team for 10 years and appears in all 8 series of Harry Potter. 

In 2013, he did “Kill Your Darlings” and “What If”, both of which are romantic drama films. 

In 2017, he acted in a film named “Jungle”, which is a biographical survival drama film of Australia.

In 2018, he did “Beast of Burden”, an American crime action film. And there are a lot more films done by Daniel Radcliffe and he is all busy and on-the-job person whose career is tremendously succeeding greatly. 

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Radcliffe’s Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe is currently in a relationship with an American actress, Erin Darke. She met him on the set of Kill Your Darlings in 2013 and from then, they are together and dating each other. They are happy in their 9-year long-term relationship and there is no news of their marriage. 

In the past, Daniel was also in a relationship with production assistant Rossane Coker.  

Radcliffe’s Net Worth

 The very successful and loved actor gained his net worth by the means of his acting. As of 2022, his net worth is $110 million. 

Radcliffe’s Social Media Accounts

The Harry Potter fame, Daniel Radcliffe is present on Instagram and has 3.7 million followers on it. He is also present on Facebook with 2.7 million followers. He has 220.4K followers on his official Twitter account. 

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Radcliffe’s Recent News

In a Sunday sitdown preview, Daniel Radcliffe talks about his popularity’s growth due to Harry Potter.


Who are Daniel Radcliffe’s parents?

Alan George Radcliffe is his father and Marcia Jeannine Gresham is his mother.

What is the highest education pursued by Daniel Radcliffe?

High School.

What is the net worth of Harry Potter Fame, Daniel Radcliffe?

He has a net worth as of 2022 is $110 million.

Is Daniel Radcliffe present on Twitter and Instagram?


What is the height of Daniel Radcliffe?

He is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

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