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CenturyLink Internet: The Best Solution for Your Home

When you are interested in a single internet service provider, you have to make sure that you are not biased due to the wrong reasons. That is why we are here to tell you all about CenturyLink and its services. This thoroughly researched blog will help you understand whether the internet services of CenturyLink are suitable for your home or not.

So without further ado, let’s dig in!

CenturyLink Internet

When you are opting for a service, you look for elements that align with your needs. You must know your requirements; otherwise, getting an internet connection can be more of a hassle than a blessing. But when it comes to CenturyLink, various factors are already in your favor.

Why? Well, CenturyLink Internet Deals are specially designed while keeping the masses in mind. This means, most of its plans are curated in such a way that you will find attractive features and special amenities attached to them. You can always make an informed decision after observing all the necessary points and the CenturyLink Internet offers available in your area.

To make things much easier for you, we have mentioned a few CenturyLink Internet plans that you can go for. So have a look and see if they fit your needs.

  • CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

When we speak about a budget-friendly plan, we are talking about CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet. This plan is made especially for consumers who are interested in settling for low-cost internet offers. It can fulfill all your basic needs without you having to compromise on your budget.

You can get up to 100 Mbps of download speed, which allows you to perform your daily tasks without any interruptions. You are only required to pay $50 per month and focus on your savings while enjoying a high-speed internet connection from a reliable internet service provider. 

  • CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

Over the years, CenturyLink has always made it clear that it doesn’t compromise on the quality of its services. Making it clear via its CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit, the provider is dedicated to offering high-quality services to its customers with maximum satisfaction. If you are also interested in getting the best option for you and your household, then this plan is for you.

You can get up to 940 Mbps of download speed, which will not only allow you to perform your daily tasks with pure efficiency but will also exceed the horizon of your opportunities. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, love to shop online, or stream your favorite shows and movies on your desired streaming service, CenturyLink Fiber Internet is a perfect deal!


All the plans that you look out for are subject to change in the future and vary as per the area. In addition to this, the speed that is mentioned in each plan is only available on a wired connection, if you access the internet wirelessly, the speed experience may vary.

Speeds available for each plan are also different in various locations, therefore, you need to check the availability of the speed and plan in your area. You can visit and enter your zip code to find out if your desired plan is available at your location or not.

Effective Tips for Choosing the Best Internet Plan

With a provider like CenturyLink that offers you a lightning-fast internet connection with 99% of guaranteed reliability, you will not get confused about anything. Especially when you have customer service that offers you around-the-clock professional assistance, you can never go wrong with choosing CenturyLink Internet Plans.

However, we understand that choosing an internet connection is not an easy task. Therefore, we have curated a few tips that will help you choose an internet plan for yourself and your household.

  • Check the Availability in Your Area

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t carefully notice if the plan they are interested in is available in their area or not. In this case, they end up getting disappointed and later settle for a plan that is readily available without any research.

If you don’t want to do that then you must search for the availability of a particular plan within your area via your zip code. This will not only help you in getting just the right plan but also help you in exploring more options that can be quite ideal for your household. 

  • Understand Internet Speeds

Megabits per second (Mbps) and gigabits per second (Gbps) are units of measurement for internet speed. One Mbps equals 1,000,000 bits whereas, one Gbps equals 1,000,000,000 bits. Both speeds are transferred per second and the higher these units are, the faster the internet speed is provided to you in that plan.

Apart from units of speed, you also need to understand that these Mbps and Gbps figures are divided into two measurement terms; Download Speed and Upload Speed. The download speed measures how fast your device can receive information from the internet. On the other hand, the upload speed measures how fast the internet can get information through your device. 

  • Check Provider’s Reliability

Whenever you are looking for an ideal internet plan, don’t forget to analyze the internet provider as well. People tend to ignore the importance of an internet provider and its reliability. Even if you are getting an internet plan that is not only budget-friendly but also happens to be perfect for your home, it might come from an inadequate ISP.

That is why you must gather all the necessary information regarding your ISP. You can start by asking around in your neighborhood or checking social media to observe the reactions of its existing customers. This way you will get an idea of how reliable the ISP is that you are looking for. 

  • Take a Closer Look at Data Caps

Not every ISP will include such a fantastic perk in your bundle, but CenturyLink is a superb example of a company that will provide you with interesting features like unlimited data use. You may easily obtain an internet connection with more speed and superior functionality, but once your data allotment has been reached, you are unable to use any of those features.

The best method to use your internet during the entire month is to purchase an internet plan with unlimited data. Without worrying about the data running out, you may use as much internet as you like, indulge in heavy streaming, manage your business operations, and more.

  • Never Ignore the Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the most crucial parts of an internet connection. Before you finalize the ISP that you want to go for, you must make sure the customer service of that ISP is trustworthy and professional. CenturyLink is one of the ideal providers that have a team of customer service enthusiasts who can cater to any problem and are capable of providing effective solutions at any given time. 

Similarly, several ISPs have a pool of great customer service representatives that you can rely on. 

To Narrow It Down

If you look closely, CenturyLink is a provider that is outdoing itself and its services are something anyone would be lucky to go for. It is only wise to subscribe to a plan that comes with a plethora of amenities attached to it. So have a look at the available options and enjoy the most reliable solutions that are available in your area!

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