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Can You Include Delta 9 THC In Your Daily Routine?

Millennials and Gen Z actively promote a clean and healthy lifestyle on social media and otherwise. Their idea includes all-natural substances in their daily life by changing their food type and regular products. For decades they were using chemical products, which deteriorated the quality of their life. So, after noticing the symptoms, the generations are making a conscious effort to increase the quality of their life by replacing all chemical goods with natural products. 

If you are aware of organic products, then you are already familiar with cannabis or weed and probably know that they may benefit humans. But what if we tell you that there is a compound that is more potent than Cannabidiol? We are referencing Delta 9 THC, and in this article, we will learn if we can add it to our daily life as it has more potency. 

Understanding Delta 9 THC 

Delta 9 THC is one of the psychoactive components of cannabis and is another name for Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is more potent than many other organic products, and the government has repeatedly raised concerns regarding its effects on human bodies. Therefore, hemp plants or any marijuana product cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. 

However, one cannot deny that THC contains properties that may be beneficial for humans. Therefore, scientists are looking for the organic compound’s potential benefits and side effects. 

But should you include Delta 9 THC in your daily routine? Let’s find out. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Delta 9 THC? 

Since the medieval ages, individuals have been using organic products to help in several ways to enjoy their benefits. However, the modern era became a firm believer in chemicals and their potential to provide a quick fix. However, they were causing long-term damage, so people now prefer organic products to deal with their issues. Though they do not offer an instant remedy, they may help improve the overall quality of one’s life. But, individuals will have to include natural products in their daily life to notice any change. 

So, let’s check out the benefits they may impart. 

  • It May Not Have Side Effects 

Chemical products are known to provide instant and quick remedies to all solutions of individuals. The sector grew into an industry, and people started relying on the products, making them a part of their daily routine. Every product contains chemicals, from morning coffee to after-dinner snacks. Individuals fail to notice the instant side effects like occasional headaches, dizziness, and nausea until they become more frequent.  

However, organic products like Delta 9 THC may not have side effects. Because of the system it reacts with, the endocannabinoid system is designed to react with the natural substance and, therefore, does not consider THC an alien substance. They may help maintain homeostasis in the human body. The body doesn’t perceive THC as an unknown compound as it may subtly stimulate the pleasure part of the brain, thereby tricking it into thinking that it is a part of the hormones produced by the body. 

  • It Is Affordable 

People often think natural products containing 100% pure compounds are more expensive than chemical ones. It is valid to some extent, but one needs to look at it from a broader perspective. 

Manufacturers are now selling chemical products at lower prices by compromising their quality and enhancing them more with synthetic drugs to increase their potency. However, they are causing more damage to humans than ever. On the other hand, organic products are also inexpensive as one can get 5 grams of product or more at an average of $20 without compromising on the quality of the product. 

  • It Is Versatile  

If you prefer chemical products for their multifunctionality and are hesitant that organic products may not provide you with that facility, then you are wrong. Organic products like Delta 9 THC is versatile, as one can use its extracts in several ways. 

For example, one can use THC extracts to make gummies or cookies. They make excellent snacks, so people usually prefer consuming the organic compound in that form. However, one can also use it in the form of powder or liquid extracts. They are a more pure form of the organic compound but more suitable for experienced users. 

If you use THC powder, mix it in your salad bowl or your after-gym smoothies. If you are using the liquid extract, you can mix it with your morning coffee or evening tea. Tinctures and oils of tetrahydrocannabinol are also available, and one can use them to either cook their food or apply it to their body 

Is It Safe To Consume Delta 9 THC every day? 

The misconception is that THC is unsuitable for regular consumption due to its high potency. However, it is just the opposite. One can consume a product infused with THC if the content of the organic compound is less than 0.3%. 

People should consult an expert before including THC in their daily food to determine a suitable dosage. Usually, for beginners, one to three grams of THC products or one teaspoon of its extract might be safe. At the same time, experienced users may consume more than five grams daily. For example, if you consume Delta 9 THC, you should not consume more than four gummies daily. 

Final Words 

Including Delta 9 THC in your daily routine might be a considerable change as it will be similar to changing one’s lifestyle. Reports that several people thought the change was unnecessary as they could not see instant changes. But THC does not work that way. Organic products do not promise fast or instant remedies but may help with health issues if one includes them in their lifestyle. 

Several THC products are available on the market, like Delta 9 THC gummies, cookies, etc. The introduction of the products increased the demand for THC as they do not contain the grass-like aroma or taste which people usually do not prefer. 

So, if you are willing to include the products in your daily life, they will not be hard to find, as several online websites offer 100% organic products containing pure THC extracts. 

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