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All you need to know about the life of Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is an international Indian cricketer who has been very much famous across the globe as the current captain of the Indian national cricket team. In the IPL he was with Mumbai Indians and is considered to be one of the best possible right-handed opening batsmen. He very well played for Mumbai in domestic cricket and the IPL Mumbai, Indians won the tournament under his leadership. Rohit Sharma is currently holding the world record for the highest possible individual scorer of 264 in a one-day international match and is the only player who has scored three double centuries in the one-day internationals. To learn more about his life people need to participate in the quiz on Indian cricket so that they will be able to improve the knowledge factor associated with his life very easily and successfully.

Some of the very basic insights about the life of Rohit Sharma have been very well explained as follows:

  • Early life: 

Poornima Sharma is the athlete’s mother, and he was born in Nagpur in 1987. His birth year is 1987. The father, Gurunath Sharma, worked as a warehouse attendant for a firm that was involved in shipping. After his father lost his job and was no longer able to provide for the family, Rohit Sharma was taken in and reared in Borivali by his loving grandparents and uncles. His parents lived in a cottage with just one room, so the only time he got to see them was on the weekends. His younger brother’s name was Vishal, and he was their only sibling. In 1999, Sharma attended a cricket camp with the financial support from his uncle. It was at this camp that he acquired the most advanced level of cricket training. His dominance in a number of high school events brought him to the notice of the coaches, and as a result, he was finally given the opportunity to make his debut in the starting position.

  • Youth and the domestic first-class career

When Rohit Sharma first appeared on a list of matches, it was for the Deodhar trophy match that took place in Gwalior in March 2005. The contest was between the West zone and the Central zone. In spite of the fact that he was batting at number eight and taking part in the betting action, he ended up reaching 31 runs without being out at the west end and with 24 balls to spare. In July of 2006, while he was making his first-class debut for India, he batted 57 for 22 and helped his side win their match against New Zealand by three wickets. In his first year as a professional (2006-2007), he made his debut in Mumbai, where he played for Gujarat and scored 205 runs off of 267 balls. All of Rohit Sharma’s first-class cricket experience has been garnered with the Mumbai franchise. In a Ranji trophy game he played in December 2009, he scored 309 not out, which was his greatest total up to that moment.

International cricket:

  • World Cup: In March of 2015, Rohit Sharma made his first appearance in the Cricket World Cup. After that, he participated in eight games for India. Sharma was able to finish the tournament with 330 runs, including one century, despite India’s defeat at the hands of Australia in the semi-finals. Sharma will assume the role of India’s vice captain beginning on Monday, April 15, 2019, for the next World Cup competition in England. After hitting 122 runs on his own in the first game, he went on to achieve centuries in all of the remaining games, including those against Pakistan, England, and Bangladesh. Sharma finished the match with 648 runs, which earned him the title of the game’s leading hitter as well as the ICC Golden Bat Award.
  1. One-day international matches: In 2007, Rohit Sharma made their debut on the international stage during a one-day international match against Ireland. During the course of the match, they also participated in the most refined kind of coding that was feasible. Rohit Sharma took over as captain of the team in December 2017, after the usual captain, Virat Kohli, was granted a sabbatical so that the team could get ready for a trip to South Africa. In India’s first match of 2019, which was played against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sharma scored 133 runs, but it was in vain as they were defeated by Australia by 34 runs. In July of 2022, Sharma became the first Indian captain since 2014 to win both the Twenty20 and One-Day International series in England. He did it as a result of leading India to victory over their opponents in both of both competitions.
  2. T20 international matches In the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, Rohit Sharma was a member of the Indian team and made his debut in a quarterfinal encounter against South Africa by scoring an unbeaten 50 runs off of 40 deliveries. As a result of his performance in the first Twenty20 International of the year, which took place at Dharamsala, Sharma became the second Indian cricketer ever to score two hundred runs in all three formats of international cricket in a single calendar year.
  3. IPL: The Deccan Chargers of Hyderabad brought Rohit Sharma onto the team in 2008 so that he could compete in the Indian Premier League. He was finally acquired by the Mumbai Indians for the sum of two million United States dollars after going through eleven auctions; his value has been progressively increasing over the last several days. Sharma was one of the most prolific players in the Indian Premier League in 2013, helping his side to 145 wins and earning the title of “Player of the Year.” As one of just six players in the competition to have scored more than 5,000 Korean runs, he has quickly become a fan favourite. He is currently one of only six players to have reached this milestone.

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