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About Galina Becker Wife Of WWE Star Roman Reigns

The worldwide popular WWE Champion, Roman Reigns married a fitness model- Galina Becker. Galina is also a famous social media person and has kids with Roman. But who exactly is it? Browse further to know more about her: 

Who Is Roman Reigns Wife? 

Galina Joelle Becker received a huge chunk of fame shortly after both engaged and known to be a qualified athlete and fitness model. Her interest in being an athlete isn’t new and has dreamt of becoming one as a child. She started her stringent training as a high school student under a coach named Steve Nelson. 

Galina’s Physical Stats

Galina Becker is a tall fitness model and has a height of about 170 cm with a body weight of 60 kg. She has complimentary medium-length hair with dark brown eyes. 

Galina’s Family

Galina was born in Jacksonville, USA, and holds American citizenship. She belongs to the ethnicity of African American and has two siblings. Her mother’s name Mildred, while her father’s name is Kevin. As of now, she married and also has five children with Roman Reigns. 

Galina’s Early Life

Galina raised with two other sisters of her own named, Molisa and Undine. She was born on the 11th of March in 1986, and she was very interested in being an athlete since her childhood. She even won a lot of titles and awards in several sports as a high school student.

Where Did Galina Becker Study? 

Although Galina was an athlete the whole time, she graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the field of management. Even during her college days, she was a brilliant athlete who took part in several sports and went on to win awards for many. 

Galina’s Professional Career

Galina Becker knew she was unique. She is a solid sportsperson, who’s well-versed in long jumps, races, and triple jumps, too. She also got the ‘Most Valuable Performer’ award for her athletic abilities in College. 

Once she was over with graduation, Galina soon became a successful fitness model backed by her athletic experience. In the meantime, she was also offered amusing projects and sponsorships in her field. 

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Who Is Galina Becker Dating?

Galina is more commonly known for being wifey to Roman Reigns. They met at college, where both were an active member of the sports community. 

Who Did Galina Marry?

Galina Becker and Roman Reigns married to each other.  

Achievements In The Life Of Galina 

Galina was a superb athlete in her college era, and not a single person was assured to beat her. On her participation at the Yellow Jacket Invitational, she received an award for 14.92 secs. Additionally, she also received the 9.48 best time in the 60m hurdle. She seen doing several collaborations and taking part in sponsored photoshoots including one with Michael Krinke.

Social Media Handles Of Galina Becker

You can find Galina’s Twitter account with the username @GalinaBecker_. She only has 497 followers and 5 tweets, which tells that she isn’t a big fan of Twitter. Likewise, her Instagram account @galinbecker965 only has 4665 followers, 88 followings, and 10 posts, which again points out that Galina is barely using any of her social media handles. 

Galina Becker Net worth

Galina’s estimated to have a net worth of $3 – $4 million


Although Galina Becker and Roman Reigns engaged on the 26th of February, 2012, they had already welcomed their first daughter in 2008 due to an unplanned pregnancy. A proper marriage ceremony took place in December of 2014 and was held on a private Island of the Bahamas, named Disney’s Castaway Cay. Currently, Galina has five children.

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