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A 4-Step Guide to a Sexy Weekend Away

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a brand-new or long-term relationship; a romantic weekend away could strengthen your physical and emotional connection. When you’re not dining at a hotel restaurant or holding hands in a scenic spot, you can get up close and personal between the sheets.

If you are eager to crank up the heat between you and your partner on a romantic break, you can take various steps to create a seductive weekend your other half will never forget. Read this four-step guide to a sexy weekend away.

Step One: Pick the Perfect Accommodation

If you plan to spend most or all your weekend in bed with your partner, you must find the perfect accommodation for your needs. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and you will likely want to check in to a hotel with sturdy beds, luxury sheets, a bouncy mattress, room service, and many TV channels.

Think carefully about what you want from a hotel. For example, if you are dreaming of hot and steamy shower sex, you must ensure your chosen room has a large shower to accommodate you both. If you imagine soaking in a bath together, sipping champagne, choose a room with a large, luxurious tub.

Step Two: Bring Adult Toys and Sex Essentials

Prepare for a naughty weekend away by stocking your suitcase with various adult toys and sex essentials. The items will allow you and your partner to experience much pleasure throughout the romantic break. Also, it might be a perfect opportunity to try a new sexual activity, position, or fetish. Visit My Amazing Fantasy in Andover to discover the best sex toys and essentials for a sexy trip with your other half. For instance, you could buy a vibrator, sexy lingerie, bondage kits, spankers, whips, and much more.

Step Three: Share Your Fantasies

A sexy weekend away is an opportunity for you and your partner to explore your more sexual sides. For this reason, you must encourage your spouse to share their fantasies, kinks, and fetishes before and during the trip.

Sharing your innermost desires might feel embarrassing, but you’ll soon become comfortable expressing your fantasies, which you can make a reality during the getaway. Also, you must remind your partner they are free to ignore a fantasy if it doesn’t make them feel comfortable, and you can do the same. After some hesitation and a little thought, they might be more than happy to make your sexual dreams come true.

Step Four: Establish a No-Device Rule

It is essential to set a no-device rule before planning a dirty weekend. Ask your partner to switch off their phone, tablet, and laptop to ensure 100% of their attention is on you, and you must do the same. It is vital to set this expectation before planning a sexy getaway, which may prevent arguments and frustration. Also, you won’t need to worry about your spouse taking work calls, texting loved ones, or scrolling through social media.

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