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4 Booze-Free Beverages to Try in January

After the indulgences of the festive season, you may find yourself craving a bit of a detox. Dry January might be an aim for many people, or at the very least, cutting back on your alcohol consumption this month can help you feel more revitalized and return to good health. This isn’t something that should only take priority at this time of year, however, and finding booze-free options that you will love can help you stick to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle moving forward. If you are looking for an alternative to your favorite wine or gin in 2023, here are some non-alcoholic options to explore. 

  1. Organic Sodas

A fantastic option if you are looking for a satisfying soft drink to enjoy over a boozy beverage is a refreshing organic soda. Why organic over the big-name brands you can buy in supermarkets? Firstly, organic sodas can usually offer more variety in flavor and stick to classics like cola, lemonade, ginger beer, etc. Secondly, these options often are made without artificial sweeteners and can have reduced sugar content, making them a healthier option to your standard bottle of fizzy drinks. Keep chilled and pour over ice – perhaps with a slice of lemon or lime to garnish – especially on a hot summer’s day.

  1. Specialist Teas

You might enjoy sipping on a hot cup of tea when the weather is cold outside, and this can be a great way to enjoy less alcohol throughout January and even later in the year. However, when the weather gets warmer, you might prefer to sip on cold drinks instead. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on tea, though, as many great iced tea options are available. Visit for an incredible range of delicious iced teas as an example of what’s on offer – including low-caffeine options.

  1. Hot Chocolates

Another hot drink you can enjoy if you’re not a big fan of tea is hot chocolate. Of course, with drinks like this, you do need to be mindful of the sugar content, but they can be great alternatives if you want a comforting drink that isn’t alcoholic. It could be the perfect beverage to sip on during the cold months, especially if you are settling down with a good book or your favorite movie one evening.

  1. Non-alcoholic Spirits, Wines, etc.

If you are attempting to cut back on your alcohol consumption but still craving the taste of your favorite tipples, choosing to sip on non-alcoholic versions of them could be the perfect resolution. They might not be quite the same, but many brands produce very satisfying quality options. It can be the perfect way to still enjoy some of your favorite cocktails without fearing a hangover or putting strain on your liver. 

With the beginning of the new year, many people want to cut down on their alcohol intake. If you want to try and reduce your alcohol consumption in January or throughout 2023 in general, consider these options for alternative drinks instead.

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