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3 Pointers: What to Do if in an Accident While Riding in an Uber

It has recently been speculated that at least 21% of the Australian population has used an Uber at some point. The reasons vary from convenience to necessity. One assumes that when taking an Uber you’ll arrive at your destination safely. However, accidents do happen.

With this in mind, are you familiar with the protocols to follow if your Uber is involved in an accident while you’re in it? Do you call the police association to lodge a report or do you simply hail another cab and move on?

 What to Keep in Mind When Uber Accidents Happen

Many people choose to get around Australia using one of the many Rideshare or Uber options available because of the sheer convenience. There’s no need to look for parking or pay costs to maintain a vehicle. The process is simple and gets you from A to B without any real hassle. But things change when there’s an accident. You may joke and say you’ll simply call another Uber because the process is that simple. However, depending on the scenario, you may have some responsibilities.

1.Scenario 1: The Uber You’re In Crashes

In the first scenario, you’re in an Uber and the vehicle is involved in an accident. Here are the legal protocols to follow:

  • Assess the situation—check everyone in the vehicle for injuries.
  • If anyone is injured, call the ambulance service and keep the injured party in a safe position.
  • If no one is injured, get as many details as possible regarding the accident—details of the other vehicle, driver and if possible take photos.
  • Report the incident to the local police—if you have been injured you might need a copy of the report for insurance purposes.
  • Assist the driver in reporting the accident to the service via their app.
  • If you feel that your driver was reckless and to blame for the accident, you might need to complete a dangerous driving complaint.
  • If any injuries prevent you from driving, you should file a motor vehicle accident MVA claim.

2.Scenario 2: You’re in Your Own Vehicle and are in an Accident With an Uber

It’s also possible that you can be in an accident with an Uber vehicle while driving your own car. Since Uber cars are private vehicles, the process to follow is the same as though you had an accident with any other private vehicle. Key points to concentrate on include:

  • Check all parties for injuries and contact the ambulance service if necessary.
  • Gather as many details from the parties involved as possible—this includes photos and contact details as this might be needed by any insurance parties at a later date.
  • Enlist an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer to proceed with a CTP claim.

3.Commonly Asked Questions by Uber Drivers and Passengers

We’ve also included a few of the more common questions asked by both drivers and passengers who may have experienced either of the two above scenarios.

Are Passengers Covered While Being Transported in an Uber?

The good news is that anyone transported in an Australian vehicle is covered under Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. That includes the driver and all the passengers in the vehicle.

Can Uber Drivers Continue Working for The Service After an Accident?

This would depend on the nature and cause of the accident in question. A driver that has been cleared of any fault or negligence during the accident shouldn’t have a problem being rehired by the service.

However, re-hiring can be an issue if the police investigation deems the driver responsible or if the passenger filed a bad driving report with the service. If you’re the driver in this scenario, it’s always recommended to check what the terms and conditions state about this type of instance.

What Specifically Does an Uber Compensation Claim Cover in Australia?

The Uber Compensation Claim was instituted to cover loss, injury and damage suffered as a result of an accident in which a registered driver was involved. For the most part, this cover could be relevant for the following instances:

  • Loss of income due to any of the injured parties not being able to return to work.
  • Costs of required rehabilitation or ongoing treatments.
  • All costs of medical and hospital treatment required as a result of the accident.

Final Thought

No matter how often you use Uber, Rideshare or any other Australian vehicle-sharing service, it’s crucial to be aware of the accident protocols. Know the right thing to do, to benefit all individuals but also future claims and legal processes.

Do you have any other tips regarding public transportation? Please share with us!

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